E for Ezhavathu Manithan – The Seventh Man

Southern Cinema, especially Tamizh cinema is yet to find a villain of Raghuvaran’s calibre. Some of Rajinikanth’s biggest hits have come when Raghuvaran played the villain. Raghuvaran, I believe has acted in all the southern languages and Hindi as well. His portrayal of Bhavani the don in “Shiva” is something that still remains the gold standard for oozing menace with one’s eyes and facial expressions.

Years ago, in his first leading role, Raghuvaran starred in “Ezhavathu Manithan” – “The Seventh Man”. The movie was directed by K. Hariharan based on a story by Arunmozhi. Writing credits include – Somasundareshwarar and the screenplay is by the director himself. He played an engineer who attempts to solve the problems in a factory and the village where the factory is based. Exploring themes of capitalism, communism, environmental pollution, corrupt practices, the government, law-makers, industrialists, gullible villagers and the impact of industrialisation; the movie won a fair number of awards in India and abroad.

The special icing on the cake is the melodious soundtrack based on songs composed by the poet-freedom fighter -Subramania Bharathi. Music by L. Vaidyanathan mesmerises the listener. It is truly a travesty of justice that he did not get enough opportunities in cinema!

I present my favourite song in the movie for your listening pleasure.


The movie is available on YouTube – today it may seem a bit dated and artificial, but the movie has its loyal fan-base.


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