H for Hum Dono (1961 release)

“Hum Dono” starring Dev Anand in a double role along with Nanda and Sadhana was a blockbuster hit when it released. The tale of two men in the army who look alike but are not related. A major goes missing in action and the junior officer/soldier is asked to go and convey this news to the major’s family. The complications arising with the major’s ailing wife mistaking the soldier to be her husband, the conflict in the soldier as he tries to placate his own sweetheart are all brought out with brilliance by Dev Anand. There remains a continuing confusion as to who directed the movie – Amarinder or Vijay Anand (Dev’s brother). The songs tuned by Jaidev were hits. This particular song sung by Mohammed Rafi remains a perennial philosophers’ delight.

A restored and coloured print of the movie released in 2011 to good collections.


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