U for Uttama Villain

The presence of this movie in this list may irk a few; but I believe that this is Kamal’s best work in a long time. At times, throughout the movie, I wondered if Kamal and Manoranjan (the character’s name) just mirrored!

The movie released in 2015 with Ramesh Arvind as the director. The story works with the film within a film concept and sees a superstar learning of his life-threatening disease, looking to come to terms with his past transgressions and doing one final film with his mentor – Margadarsi played by K Balachander in a brilliant bit of casting. This was KB’s last role and he died in real life.

There is a touching scene where Kamal’s son says to him, I want to go to the USA learn filmamking/screenwriting and come back and make a movie with you that’s believable and real. The theatre resounded with claps and it was a genuine moment of joy.

The film within the film set in ancient times sees Uttaman rescuing a princess from an evil king and incorporates an elaborate Theyyam sequence as well.

Urvashi as the superstar’s long-struggling wife really deserves the most applause and really showcases her inner pain as well. In real life, she has had a messy divorce and is struggling with alcohol issues.

Watch the film:



  1. Such a brilliant movie it was and the metaphors he placed throughout the movie was classic. A Hollywood movie is planning to release inspired by Uthama Villian.


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