W for Waqt

‘Waqt’ means Time – a classic BR Chopra produced blockbuster with a stellar starcast, sample the names – Raaj Kumar, Rehman, Balraj Sahni, Saadhana, Sharmilla Tagore, Sunil Dutt, Shashi Kapoor. Directed by Yash Chopra, the movie released in 1965 and broke all collection records at the time. The movie starts in a celebratory mode as we meet a prosperous businessman Lala Kedarnath played by Balraj Sahni his wife and three young boys and there’s a classic song in true festive mood.

Then an earthquake hits the town at night and there’s complete chaos as everyone is separated. The first child Raju lands up at an orphanage, the second boy Raju is adopted by a rich couple who find him lost and crying in the streets, the last child Vijay is with his mother Lakshmi. Lala Kedarnath is a broken man and seeks to rebuild his fortune.

We then follow each of the young boys growing up into smart men – Raju becomes a brilliant thief – oozing charm and class and is portrayed with panache by Raaj Kumar, Ravi played by Sunil Dutt is an advocate/lawyer and his engagement is called off when his unknown parentage and religion comes up. Vijay played by Shashi Kapoor is a driver in love with Sharmilla Tagore Ravi’s foster sister.

The movie with brilliant writing looks at how fate/kismat – works at every stage and moulds one’s life and at the end all the knots are conveniently untied and Lala Kedarnath and his family re-unite. Watch the movie for Raaj Kumar’s brilliant dialogues, amazing songs tuned by Ravi and a stellar show by all the characters.



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