I walked down,
The narrow streets,
Of the Evening Bazaar.
A shop caught my eyes.
In a 5 by 5 enclosure,
An enterprising young man,
Had set up a shop,
With cages all around,
There were birds,
With feathers of varying hues.
Blue, Green, Yellow,
The plumage was a feast for the eyes!

But were the birds happy?
They were scared!
Tired, hungry and angry,
Looking for someone,
To buy them and set them free,
Or probably offer grain and water,
With love, care and affection.
They conversed in low chirps.

As I stood for a while and pondered,
I wondered, am I any different?
Trapped in doing something,
For a living – without a big choice!
The SMS alert from the bank,
Every month reminding me of the EMIs,
The happiness of the salary-credit,
Being overlapped by the splitting,
Of expenses all around!

The rising medical bills,
The growing costs of grocery,
Lesser and lesser interaction,
With friends in the real world,
Being replaced by bonhomie,
On Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.
I wonder!! How elegantly I am trapped!!!

A vicious cycle is this –
That has no signs of redemption.
When was the last time,
I smiled honestly, without fear or pain?
When was the last time,
I attended a social event,
Without worrying about the ticking clock,
And the long commute home??
When was the last time,
I stopped worrying about an aged parent?

The mountain of worries and fears,
Piles one upon the other.
Neither is there peace within,
Nor confidence outside!
Like a wolf caught in the glare,
Of powerful headlights from an SUV,
I stand dazed on an icy path,
In the treacherous forest path!

As the clock keeps ticking,
I continue to question my choices,
Of having let go of opportunities,
Of having accepted challenges,
Of realizing that nothing,
Nothing at all matters,
And one is only as good,
As the last published post!

This urge to break free,
To bid goodbye,
To this false sense of security,
Is rising, the head throbs,
There is this intense frustration,
That builds into a castrated rage,
That seeks an outlet of release!

I am trapped, well and truly trapped!
And that’s the only truth!!
That’s the only truth!!
Perhaps, tomorrow, may offer hope!
Hope is the only emotion,
That offers comfort of any sort!
Hope is a good thing,
Despite being brutally trapped,
Hope is a good thing!



  1. A nice though sad poem that set me thinking.In a way we are all birds trapped in different cages by circumstances or of our own volition.While the two winged birds can be set free if the owner deigns,we are never set free till end.We may move from one cage to another with different set of circumstances,personal and social,but we would still be constantly in cages,some big and some small,some constricted and some relatively free and spacious.There is a philosophical touch about the poem.


    1. Dear Partha Sir,

      Yes, sir – that was my idea the bird may fly to freedom, but as humans we are all trapped in some cage or the other, without a chance to fly.


  2. There should be something, for every person, which can set them free from all emotional traps. We either need to contemplate on finding that something or wait for that God-given fortunate time in life. But until then feeling trapped is miserable which you have written it down so well realistically.


  3. Beautiful writing Mahesh. The bittersweet pain that life offers can be felt in every line. Neram varum. Patience.


  4. Wow, speechless… as usual your poetry runs deep, touches a chord… makes one feel. I like the phrase ‘castrated rage’. Are we caged, by society or by ourselves… do we want to get out or are we living in it cause we don’t know any other way… or are we free because we decide we like to be caged to an ideal or an idea…


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