Theeran Adhigaram Ondru – Theeran Chapter One – A Riveting Cop-Tale

A gritty cop-tale without the trappings of commercial excesses is a rarity and the movies that come to my mind include:

Ardh Satya

Droh Kaal remade in Tamizh as Kurudhi Punal with Kamal and Arjun

Crime File in Malayalam based on the real case of the murder of a nun in a monastery

Kaakha Kaakha and Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu by Gautham Menon did a fair job but still had the song and dance routine in them. I am not going to speak about the Singham series as Hari and Suriya tested hearing capabilities with all the loud shouting though they were full paisa vasool hits.

Wednesday and Special 26 are other movies that come to my mind.

Last year, a debutante won the hearts and minds of viewers with Dhruvangal-16 that brought the good, old-school police-procedural to Tamil cinema.

As always, I deviate from the core topic, Karthi’s ‘Theeran Adhigaram Ondru’ made me sit up with its excellent trailer that spoke about a true-crime inspiration.

The actual case detail is listed here:

The movie has to cater to the needs of bringing in all categories of audiences and thus includes a cutesy romantic track between Karthi and Rakul. Then the movie hits the right gears. The story is about daring dacoities and murders perpetuated in farmhouses away from main cities across Tamil Nadu, especially in Thiruvallur District. As Karthi tries to uncover the case, some startling facts emerge that takes the investigative team across India.

Kudos to the director for doing his research and presenting a quick animated sequence about the Bawaria community.

Ten minutes before the interval starts the movie in its true sense and it is one thrilling ride till the end credits roll as Karthi, Bose Venkat and the remaining officers in the investigative team track down Oma and his gang of dacoits.

There is a sequence where the cops chase a dacoit on a bus. The dacoit jumps from one bus to another and is caught as he holds onto a rope and the cops hold him as the buses run on high speeds across the desert. There is a final shootout as well in a remote village that has been really well done.

Ghibran’s background score seems to be a bit too loud as in quite a few sequences the dialogue was not audible. It could be the theatre’s poor sound effects, so perhaps I could be wrong.

Do watch this movie, action-sequences itself are worth the price of admission and Abhimanyu Singh as the leader of the dacoits – Oma is menacing. Special congrats to the stunt coordinators as well.

Go watch it 🙂


B for Bhuvana Oru Kaelvi Kuri

“Bhuvana Oru Kaelvi Kuri” – “Bhuvana A/One Question Mark!”

This movie released in 1977 and was directed by SP Muthuraman. Rajini who so far played negative roles with elan and oozing menace played the hero/saviour and Shivakumar one of the perennial good guy-type roles played the smooth talking villain. Sumithra played the eponymous Bhuvana and there were some melodious and meaningful numbers tuned by Illaiyaraja.

Shivakumar plays Nagaraj a womaniser, Rajini plays Sampath – road-side garment sellers living in Tirunelveli. The two are friends and Sampath is content in playing second foil to Nagaraj. On a trip to Madras they come across Muthu who is carrying a lot of money. Muthu dies of a cardiac arrest and Nagaraj flees with the money. Samapth remains powerless and despite some protests does nothing. Nagaraj uses the money to open a garment store. Bhuvana visits them seeking answers, Nagaraj denies knowing anything about the missing money. He also seduces her and impregnates her. As part of a business deal he marries a rich heiress and becomes a wealthy businessman.

Meanwhile Bhuvana does not abort the child and Sampath to save his friend’s honour marries Bhuvana. He brings up the child as his own. Bhuvana and Sampath lead a platonic life with Bhuvana placing Samapth on a God-like pedestal. The movie takes interesting twists and turns. Does Nagaraj get punished? Does Sampath manage to find a place of love in Bhuvana’s heart? Watch the movie for answers.

I leave you with a brilliant song from the movie –

This movie paved the way for Rajini to get roles as a hero and Shivakumar was appreciated for his villainous role. But it was Sumithra who brought out all the nervous energy, gullibility and pathos of a young woman blinded by love with great elan. Truly a great role and once again a pity that we do not see such strong women-oriented movies today!