Matrikas – Creative Woman’s Journal – Feather Series – Product Review

Matrikas Creative Journal Product Review

I signed up for Matrikas’ Second Blogger Outreach Programme titled – “Scribble your Heart Away”. I received this beautiful journal that’s designed specifically for the ‘creative woman’. I received the courier promptly and gleefully unwrapped the thoughtfully and carefully  packed journal. Matrikas is a sub-brand of SFA Print.

About SFA Print:

“SRINIVAS GROUP has more than 47 years of experience in printing field. It was founded in 1964 by R.Vivekanandan along with his brothers as a print trading company dealing with print production of labels to textile mills, fireworks and match industry. SFA Print (P) Ltd launched in 2011 , rejuvenated with fresh ideas, strong leadership and visionary direction has carved a niche for itself through commitment to integrity and quality with a perfect symbiosis between the highest parameters of printing technology and creative implementation. The Company has become a leader in the acquisition of the most sophisticated printing presses, finishing and bindery in India. Today, with the cutting-edge technology and equipment, SFA Print (P) Ltd is able to give its national and global clients, products that surpass world class benchmark in quality and style in commercial printing, packaging and Bindery.”

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Now the word ‘journal’ has suddenly become fashionable, people across the world are getting bitten by the ‘bullet-journal’ bug. It is essentially listing down your goals and how you go about achieving them with day-to-day / hour-by-hour inputs. Some of these elegantly designed journals go up to Rs 3000 and Rs 4000 in cost. Here we have a lovely Indian company SFA Print that has been a pioneer in the printing and paperworks industry coming out with their wonderful take on ‘journals’ via their sub-brand Matrikas.


See the elegant design the feather embossed in gold in a lovely auspicious red fabric tint cover. Looks fit for a queen!! The printed description within that covers the specifications.IMG_20170507_202013_HDR

The journal is solidly built and has the perfect mix of durability and elegance. The paper is thick and the ink does not smudge or create and impression on the next page. What I loved most are the pull-out art pages with doodles and designs that offer a wonderful opportunity for an adult to de-stress by colouring. See a couple of art sheets below:

I have always admired lady novelists, be it everyone’s first brush in childhood – Enid Blyton or the Queen of Crime – Agatha Christie or Sivasankari – closer home in Tamil Nadu, I have always felt that women convey both love and pain with much greater honesty and clarity.

Are you an aspiring novelist? Do you love writing poems? Are you keen to begin bullet journalling? Do you love to colour? If you tick all these boxes then you should definitely buy this journal from Matrikas.

Matrikas Journal and Notebooks – Product Review

There is something special,
About jotting down,
One’s thoughts in a diary.
The feeling of closure,
When one writes down,
The day’s highs and lows,
The dreams and expectations,
The truth and reality,
All in our diary,
Using a pen in our own hands.
A diary is an extremely personal tool.

Something like a magic lamp,
When in the future,
We open the diary,
All the memories of the past,
Flash by in multi-coloured hues.
Page after page,
To remind us how far,
We have travelled in life.
And to remind us,
Many miles lie ahead!!!

I had a chance to review a set of journals/notebooks/diaries from Matrikas Paper Products. This is part of a Blogger Engagement Initiative and I am really thankful to fellow blogger Sulaiman who recommended this to me. I filled up a form on Facebook (Part of a Matrikas App). I received a courier well-packed with the products.

I have been writing personal journals for over 17 years now, starting from old corporate diaries that the elders in the family used to hand down to fancy notebooks and handmade-paper books and recycled paper notebooks, I have used a wide spectrum of products. A couple of years back I bought journal books sold by the Isha Foundation and loved the intricate cover designs and the paper quality.

This set of products from Matrikas took me by surprise and impressed me with the beautiful cover designs and top-class paper thickness and quality. I would like to recommend their products to all those who love to write.

Go ahead contact Matrikas right away 🙂