#ShareTheLoad – Or a Series of Unfortunate Incidents

This is a fascinating initiative by Ariel and BlogAdda to promote men also taking on the chore of washing. In my case I have been washing my own clothes since I was in Class Eight in School and it is nothing novel or unique for me. I wash my clothes every weekend and then spend time ironing the clothes.

This post narrates the ironical twists when I attempted to take pics of myself, the washing machine and the Ariel packet that I received. After adding the powder, water and clothes within the machine, I attempted to position myself to click a proper picture on my phone. I use a phone which has no front-facing camera and I have to use my wits to take a selfie with the rear camera.

It was precisely at this instant that I slipped and fell and in an attempt to balance myself dropped my phone and that in essence explains why there are no actual pics clicked by me for this post :(

pics ariel

For the sake of the rules and instructions I have taken pics from the Internet, no copy-righted images no cyber-bullying please. The washing machine is the same model as the one that I have at home.

Share the load my dear brothers, uncles, and members of the male clan. Help your family-members was the clothes, with Ariel’s super fragrance, powerful chemical stain removers, washing clothes will be a breeze and not something to worry about.

I am a regular user of Tide detergent for as long as I can remember, Ariel gave me a chance to try something different and I am happy with the results of the clothes being washed well.

The phone will be back from the service centre in a few days and my fingers are crossed!

But let us focus on the main topic here. Washing is not a gender-specific job, wash your clothes – #ShareTheLoad. I still feel it is idiotic to expect the woman of the house to wash the clothes of the entire family. With most modern families having both the husband and wife working and leading a busy life in the tough cities across the country; washing becomes a weekend job. The washing machine and dryer come to the rescue of families. So help your partner wash the clothes. Share the task, spread love and see the smiles and warmth that overflows.

This post is a part of the #WashBucketChallenge activity at BlogAdda.com is association with Ariel India.

NaPoWriMo-2 – In Search of What?

The sun is setting,
The long shadows,
And the gentle orange glow,
Creates a strange
Kaleidoscope of colours,
Enchanting and mysterious.

The office window pane,
Hidden by curtains,
Parts once in a while,
To offer a peek,
Into the busy lives,
Of people on the street.

Everyone seems to be in a rush,
Be it the high school boys,
Who pour out around 430 PM
Or the auto-rickshaws that,
Race with each other,
The fruit-seller pushing the cart.

In search of what?
At times, I look at myself,
In the mirror, the mirror looks,
Back at me and taunts me,
Three degrees to your name,
To what effect and joy?

The grass always seems green,
On the other side,
But when I speak to friends,
Everyone, at least most of them,
Seem to be sailing,
In the same boat.

Without a rudder, without a direction,
In pursuit of what?
Money, Love, Attention,
Admiration, Respect, Grandeur,
What exactly are we all doing?
Where are we headed?

Where, where, where?
Too many questions,
Hardly any answers,
Life meanders in all its crowning glory,
It is time to leave office,
And head home to seek solace in the ones we love!

Perhaps all that we need,
Is a little bit of love,
A dash of sunshine,
A cup full of joy,
To savour the gift of life!
All we need is love!!!

NaPoWriMo – 1 – What is the Meaning of Life

It is April 1 today,
As the world celebrates,
All Fools Day.
As trolls keep posting,
Funny memes and crack jokes.

I sit in a corner,
Wondering what is the,
Meaning of Life.
A question that has-
Flummoxed sages since eternity.

I ask you my friends,
What is the meaning of Life?
Born, grow, study, job,
Love, marry, procreate,
Save, spend, borrow, repay.

A cycle of illusions,
That continues endlessly,
Is that all that there is,
To this gift called Life?
What is the meaning of Life?

God, devil, saint, sinner,
Father, brother, husband, friend,
Mother, sister, wife, friend,
Roles that we are all forced to play.
For what reason and why?

What is the meaning of Life?

An Interview with Mohit Jain

Dear readers, as a first in a series of interviews that I aspire to do and connect you with inspirational individuals, I bring to you an interview with a teacher, motivational speaker and a published author – Mohit Jain.


Q1. Tell the readers about your journey as a teacher, motivational speaker and now published author?

Well, the question has taken me back in my those days when I was in Class IX, a school kid, basically I had always in mind the desire to be a teacher, as my hobby was teaching, I always felt that I should be a teacher. I started taking home tuition and later after completing my college I started a institute named Karmasthali to teach MBA entrants for appearing for CAT, MAT etc. Later I got introduced to B-Schools as a motivational speaker and thereby I took classes in around 37 B-schools and engineering colleges all over India. Further more in relation to my being a author is again interrelated as for me unless you are a good reader you cannot write, hence to be frank I always read a lot and thereby started putting my thought in writing and thereby I am before you as a published author.

Q2. From life skills to fiction, how has the journey been?
Life skills is always related to the reality of life. My books earlier were totally subject oriented basically on academics. But again coming to fiction I believe that fiction is also related to reality. Whatever happens in human life or whatever we have in human behavior that reflects in our character and subconscious mind. I penned down my fiction stories based on the people I met and know.

Q3. Tell us about your ambitions as a school and college student?
I always wanted to be a teacher. I also had this hunger for reading books of all genres which led me to pen down my thoughts, my practical experiences and the struggles and successes of the people whom I met. By God’s grace, I am Mohit Jain the author now.

Q4. Advice for upcoming writers?
Depends on each individual, in my case the main ingredient for me or in my personal view is that one must be a very good reader both fiction or non-fiction. The more you read the more your scope of knowledge increases and you understand the beauty of the written word. A good writer should be someone who reads extensively. Keep writing and sharing your work among friends and the Internet, accept constructive feedback, send samples to publishers, keep trying!

Q5. Importance of self-promotion and marketing to sell a book?
Self-promotion is a very important platform for upcoming or new authors or writers. Sell your book to the world use all platforms online and off-line to sell your book.

Q6. Authors that you love reading?

Indian authors – Jhumpa Lahiri, Arvind Adiga
International authors – Randy Pausch, Spencer Johnson
Compulsory read – The Last Lecture, Who Moved My Cheese

To conclude, without my family’s support, I would have not travelled so far on this journey called LIFE!

You can visit his website for more information – mohitjainreveals.com


Time just seems to fly,
Year after year,
With unfailing regularity,
I keep writing a post or poem,
Hoping for some clarity,
Some direction, purpose or meaning,
In this charade called life.

The same stoic calm,
The same artificial smile,
The same wishes,
The eager urge to reply,
To every comment and birthday wish,
Nothing seems to have changed.

As the silver strands,
Gain prominence on my head,
The solitary life continues.
A friend asked me –
‘What did you do for yourself?’
And I was lost and baffled.

I did not have an answer,
That set me thinking,
What have I done for myself,
All these years, living a life,
For the sake of family,
Satisfying the demands of society.

What is it that I have done?
Without thinking of ramifications?
Without analysing costs and bills?
Without thinking if my actions would hurt?
Or cause pain to someone?
Haven’t I just led someone else’s life – all along?

It is not too late,
I want to live a life,
On my terms, without worrying.
I want to share a drink with friends,
Liquor barons be damned!
I want to dance in the rains, without a care.

I want to hold someone’s hands.
Look deep into her eyes,
And have the courage to say-
What she means to me,
Without worrying about religions!
May be I will be slapped hard.

May be someone will say ‘Yes’.
I will never know,
For I will never have the courage,
To break out of the mould,
That I have been cast in.
This is the curse – that I have to live with.. and die…

Will I ever evolve?
Will I ever learn?
Will I ever understand?
I will forever remain trapped,
In this body as the little boy,
Who never grew up!

As the clock ticks,
I steal a few minutes,
To type this out,
I have some joy,
In knowing that there are friends,
Who wished me well.

At the end of all this,
The only reason,
That keeps me ticking,
Is that somewhere and somehow,
I have touched the lives of a few people,
And their words and actions mean a lot to me.

As the proverbial Conscience Keeper,
Like the Lone Wolf and the Old Monk,
I need to continue,
Stop analysing everything,
And just live for the moment,
Without worrying about eternity.

The Day After Tomorrow

I just don’t like it,
You crazy kids of mine,
I thought you would,
Be my greatest triumph,
You have disappointed me badly,
Killing each other in my name,

Destroying the bounties,
Of Mother Nature,
Cleaning away forests,
To make way for resorts,
Seas that have become dump-yards.

Religion and caste,
Reservations and gender bias,
Am I supposed to love you???
Day after day,
I look at you from the skies,
And just keep wondering,
Where did I go wrong???

It is time to reboot,
This planet called earth.
I am triggering the Apocalypse!
Let me think of a better world,
Where people will respect each other,
Where narrow thoughts,
Don’t cloud sensibility.

Where truth and justice
Will prevail!!!

I have often wondered how it would be to play God?

Think starting from scratch create a new world.

Well how about a world where no religions remain, no countries, no passports, no complex legal systems. One unified earth where everyone can make an honest living.

A world where no God exists. Where men and women can choose to live a life that they envision. Where the law ensures swift justice. Where rapists and terrorists and paedophiles are hanged to death. There are so many things that can be done!

The only thing that is valued is money. Love, relationships, friends and siblings, parents and relatives, everyone is expendable. We see more old-age homes and orphanages with every passing day. The people on the streets seem to be more tired and worried. Everyone awaits the weekend to drown one’s worries in some intoxicant or the other.

Science and technology has made so many advancements, but there is still no substitute for a caring warm hug, a hot meal shared with a stranger, learn to love unconditionally… For any chance at redemption at all.

I guess, humans will never learn, they will evolve and start creating religions and assign names and laws and traditions and rituals and more lives will be lost in the name of God than any disease or natural disaster.
No you humans will never learn…..

Perhaps the new world will have no humans. Just animals….. That is the best way forward.. Triggering the Apocalypse now….!

“I am participating in the #TheWorldRemade activity at BlogAdda in association with India Today #Conclave15

We have all the Time in the World

The silence is deafening,

The guests, friends and relatives,

Have come, paid their respects,

Consoled me with words,

Some close friends with a hug,

Leaving me to ponder,

On the impermanence,

Of everything in life!

She lies before me,

In an ice-box of sorts,

Her face has that angelic smile,

That sent hearts abuzz,

In high school as well as college.

How quickly does time fly?


It just seems like yesterday,

When two teenagers,

Squabbled over the merits,

Of James Joyce and Joseph Conrad,

Each calling the other a pretender,

Saying – ‘You have not read – Ulysses’.

‘You have not read Lord Jim’.

Debate after debate,

Culturals at various colleges,

We would be pitted against each other,

We would go hammer and tongs,

At each other, gung-ho on our arguments,

Raising points on topics,

As varied as child-abuse and state-sponsored alcoholism.

Somewhere down the line.

A spark ignited within and there was a lamp,

A lamp of love that lit,

Within our hearts.

I still remember that day.

Culturals at IIT-M – the rains arrived,

Without any warning.

She stood along with her classmates,

Sheltered from the rain.

I walked up to her and offered my umbrella.

She smiled, – ‘What Mr. Hero?’

And I said – ‘Yes, my lady!’

We walked in the rains, an umbrella,

That sheltered the two of us.

From Gajendra Circle to the Main Gate.

Two souls bonded together as one.

College flew by in a flash,

Both of us went on to become lecturers,

By a quirk of fate,

We started teaching at the same college.

God was kind to us!

The wedding went on without a hitch.

We grew old together seeing life go by.

Two splendid kids who have made their parents proud.

A life really well-lived!

And now you have left me,

All alone to battle my remaining years,

Just holding your memories,

In a way it is good,

For I would never be able

To fathom your sorrow,

If I were to die before you.

Now that you have left me,

What purpose do I have here,

I shall meet you soon,

In another world and time,

Where we shall have,

Plenty of time for each other!

All the time in the world!

“I am participating in the #SoundOfLove activity atBlogAdda in association with Bluestone”.