Always Look at the Bright Side of Life

It has been quite some time since I blogged,
Lots of things are happening around me.
I was all set to sail away from my port,
Now the ship has grounded,
The anchors have been laid,
The journey differs,
Does the destination remain the same?

I know not,
What lies ahead,
People whom I never even knew,
Are becoming an integral,
Part of my life,
I have new dreams,
New hopes,
Perhaps there is a meaning,
To this mystery called life!


This morning, I think I had a moment of self-realization. As my train stuck at Basin Bridge Junction and the train showed no signs of moving for over 15 minutes, I lost my patience. I got down and to my horror discovered that an incoming local was stuck on the tracks as cracks had developed on the criss-cross track and a major accident had been averted. Trains were blocked and the stationmaster announced that all trains towards Central Station were delayed till they fixed the fault on the tracks. I joined over 300 hundred passengers who decided to walk the distance – the final frontier.

Inwardly, I cursed my luck, yet again I would be late, I called my manager, explained my problem and walked, muttering to myself on how the forces conspired to make me a ‘Late Latif’ yet again. As I walked on the tracks and the rough path, I realized I am well and truly old for this struggle. In some capacity or the other I have been working for over 16 years now. Be it supplying packed lunches to houses, delivering sweets and savouries during festivals, selling snacks in playgrounds, taking tution classes for kids, selling electronic goods in showrooms and finally an IT job for the last decade; I just seem to have burnt out my energies.

I felt like crying as I continued to walk on the tracks, I don’t know – my life seems to be on the cross-roads. The only reason why I am chained to a safe-job is the flat that is on my name. I have to pay the EMIs, I cannot just walk away. Over the past two years, there have been innumerable times when I just wanted to pack a bag with a few clothes and run away, run away from the madness that is within and the madness that surrounds me. Each time, I am forced to come back to reality and bite a bitter pill and continue the same monotonous tasks every day.

I am done – I am well and truly done this time!

UrbanTree Blogger Meet in Chennai

Last Saturday was a day of fun as after ages a private firm organised a meet for bloggers in Chennai. The social media marketing firm ‘echoVME’ conducted the event on behalf of real estate developed UrbanTree. The event was well attended and leading members of the blogging fraternity in Chennai graced the event. All participants were given a welcome kit with a badge, tee-shirt, cap, pen, and promotional material of UrbanTree’s construction projects.

A mini-quiz with questions on UrbanTree projects, a tambola and a stand-up comedy act by Shyam Ranganathan of ‘Ennada Rascalas’ kept the crowd regaled. The usual presentations by the sponsor followed. It was quite informative. As more and more people look to buy a flat instead of going with the long-drawn process of buying land, registering it, finding an architect and contractor and then building a house, UrbanTree as a real estate/construction firm is doing a good job in Chennai.

In a short span of a few years, UrbanTree has emerged as a trusted builder with multiple construction projects at various points in the city going on in full swing. With ‘green buildings’ being the key, care has been taken to ensure that the best materials have been used to build structures that last the test of time. All amenities of a modern life-style from play-area and gym to hospitals and schools in close proxiity have been considered and UrbanTree also ensures that if they delay handover of projects they will pay the flat-buyer a penalty. This is indeed a redeeming factor!

Ad-Zap happened with bloggers having a whale of a time selling the UrbanTree projects!

Top-ranked bloggers were awarded for their passion for blogging!

The evening ended with group photos and snacks.

There is a ‘Mystery Box’ contest wherein bloggers have to write about the event highlighting key words and special prizes are on offer. I don’t know if my entry qualifies? Just a small attempt!

Some Points for the Organizers:
Not everyone can fit into a size ‘M’ tee-shirt. Please ask for a collar-size in the registration form.
Lot of people were very hungry in the afternoon. 3 PM was an odd slot. Some refreshments could have been served at the beginning.
The trick of a good presentation is to keep it short and snappy. Well here I can’t fault the organizers!

Wishing Team Echovme the very best for upcoming meets and events!

An Uncle Writes to His Nephew

It just seems like yesterday,
When I rushed from school,
To the hospital,
To see my sister,
Having delivered a baby boy.
The child was frail,
With curly hair,

How soon time seems to have flown,
My nephew turned 18 yesterday,
He is at the cusp of an exciting phase,
He is set to join college,
He has big dreams,
He wants to be a CA and wants to do B.Com as well.
For a joker like me for whom 2+2 can cause nightmares,
The kid has done fairly good for himself.

One of my biggest disappointments,
Was my nephew’s refusal to read books,
Both his parents are avid book-readers,
Can you imagine my plight, I saved up comic after comic,
Fairy-tale after fairy-tale and novels for him to read.
Sadly he does not like to read!!!
Neither is the chap enthusiastic about sports!!!
I dreamt of teaching him the perfect front foot drive,
The hook and the square-cut – and all my dreams got cut!

He is hooked to wrestling and is yet to grow out of it!
Hell – there are fifty-year old chaps
Who religiously follow wrestling.
The kid’s gonna be a life-long wrestling fan :)
He plays the drums and is fairly competent,
But with the madness that CA is –
Drums are going to go for a toss as well.

Aditya, I wish you good luck,
In all that you dream to do,
Remember, these are going to be crazy times,
There is going to be that first crush,
The inevitable ragging,
The group formations and gangs,
Remember do not do anything,
That will embarass your parents!

Good luck – May the force be with you!

What Do I Name This Idle Verse???

The darkness in my soul,
Seeks an outlet,
I have to be honest,
I never was ambitious,
My greatest flaw,
Has been to dabble,
In too many things,
And never master anything!

I write free-form,
Pretending this to be verse,
I dream of shooting movies,
I can’t even sketch a scene,
I dream of wooing someone special,
And I can’t even find courage,
To speak or express my thoughts,

I dream of making money,
By noble and honest means,
All I get to do,
Is wait for the next pay-check,
Balancing the EMIs.

I dream of being true to my dreams,
And what do I do?
I just put on a mask,
Smile like an idiot,
Join the crowd of individuals,
Who trudge away to glory,
Having sold our souls,
To the rigours of a safe job.

It is not too late, yet!
Like the sudden shower,
That kisses the gentle earth,
The child who waits,
For his mother to cuddle him,
The lonesome poet,
Who waits for his beloved’s – ‘Yes’.
There is still hope!

Don’t end up like me,
For life is running short,
Chase your dreams young men and women,
Throw caution to the winds,
Travel the country,
Dance and sing as if there was no tomorrow.
Remove that mask and be true!

True to yourself and your dreams!

Rat-trap Lessons

Today I learnt a valuable lesson from a rat. This rat had been troubling me for over a month biting out some of m books and running away with socks and vests; creating a huge nuisance.


El-Diablo caught

Rat-traps, poison cakes, repellents – nothing worked. Finally the adhesive rat-boards that are quite popular in offices came to my rescue and it trapped the diabolical rat.

Stuck firm in the adhesive, the rat moaned in anger as it could not move away, each time I tried approaching the board, it would bare its fangs at me.

For over seven hours the rat waged a war with the board. Finally I got the board took it to the terrace and shook the board vigorously. The rat was stuck. With a bit of piping, I pushed the rat out after quite some struggle. The rat squealed one final time and fell into the scrubland.

Did it die? Was it eaten by the crows or snakes? Will its brethren seek vengeance?

Right till the end it fought for freedom. Be it the rat-race or the race of life – keep fighting.

Of Weighty Issues

When I was young,
I was the thinnest,
Skinniest child in the family,
In school, I used to be mocked,
There used to be snide comments,
That I would fly away,
At the mildest gust of a wind.

As the years grew by,
And I battled and cheated death,
Multiple times,
The medicines took their toll,
I look at old pictures of mine,
The boxer, the footballer,
Then I look at my reflection,
Now in the mirror.

The reflection mocks me,
Like Marlon Brando,
In “On the Waterfront”
I wonder – “I could have been a contender!”
Now I look fatter than the fattest bartender.
I am never one for these fad diets and all.
I am not a binge eater either,
Nor a fan of chocolates or icecreams.

New years come and Christmases go,
Resolutions are made and broken,
With the silver strands of hair,
Gaining prominenece on my head,
The waist not getting any slimmer,
The bones ache,
The knees hurt,
The back stoops,
I am transforming into a crazy,
Hunch-backed ogre from an old vampire tale!

Where do I go from here?
The heart feels old,
The mind is lost in its complex web,
The body keeps stressing,
That it is tired.
At times, I wonder of choices made,
In the distant past!
There is no regret, no gloom,
No joy or no pain!

I take solace in the fact,
That Po the Panda,
Was annointed the Dragon Warrior!
So I guess, I still have hope!